IDP Top 20 Turnover By Position

Football is a sport not just for the young at heart but also the young in general. Football players easily have the shortest career lengths among the major sports. The NFL Players Association says that the average NFL career is just 3 ½ seasons. Sure, there are players that approach and pass a decade in the league but they are far from the norm. When you have turnover like that then it makes senses that there is turnover in fantasy football rankings.

One of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced fantasy players make is to draft off the previous year’s end of season rankings – all types of changes that can affect a player’s fantasy value for the upcoming season. On the offensive side of the ball, coaching changes, changes in offensive philosophy, retirement and or injury to a key player can all have a negative effect on an offensive player’s value. However, with that said a RB is usually going to remain a RB and not move to FB or the OL and the same goes for WRs. The difference for IDP players is that not only can the above listed issues affect a player’s value, but a position change can too. While a MLB and SLB are both linebacker positions that doesn’t mean they are going to have nearly the same fantasy value.

What you will find below are tables for Defensive Linemen, Linebackers & Defensive Backs. The tables show the turnover of the top 20 from the previous year. The numbers in the boxes represents where a top 20 player ranked within their position the season after their top 20 performance. To help illustrate the turnover, boxes are color-coded. Green shows a player that repeated a top 20 performance; blue shows a ranking between 21 thru 50 and red indicates a player that ended the season ranked 51st or worse. The yellow DNP boxes indicate a player did not play the year following a top 20 performance, and the yellow PC boxes utilized in the defensive linemen tables indicates a top 20 DL that had his position changed to LB. click to continue reading at



About Steve Gallo
Steve is an NFL Analyst and IDP writer for USA Today Sports Media Group( He is also a member of the Pro Football Writers of America & Fantasy Sports Writers Association.

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