Pay It Forward Writers Project

If you are looking to get started as a writer & you aren’t affiliated w/a site (if you have contributed to a site but aren’t regularly published you can still take advantage of this opportunity) and have an article(s) you’d like to write/publish I’m opening up my Full Impact Football Blog to give you a place to have them published on the web. I have the blog set up with four categories (NFL, NFL Draft, Fantasy Football and IDP) that I plan to group all posts in.

In order to participate as a writer you will have to have a WordPress account (it’s free) and you’ll need to send me an email at Fullimpactblog AT gmail DOT com with a request for me to add you as a contributor. Once I get your request I’ll send you an invitation and then you can get started writing. After your article is finished you will need to send me another email telling me it’s ready to be published — make sure you include the category it should be listed under, and also, at the beginning of the article, include your name, date and twitter handle. I will not be doing any editing and your articles will be posted as you wrote them. With that said, if I find something to be offensive I will not publish it.

I want to give back and I know that having a chance to be read and get exposure is great opportunity. My hope is to have the Full Impact Football Blog be a minor leagues of sorts, where other sites can cultivate new writers that are trying to get started in the industry.

Also, I’m adding mentors that can help those getting started. As a mentor you can be as involved as you’d like…with one or multiple writers. The main requirement for mentors is that they supply their email addresses so that new writers can reach out for guidance is they so desire. A mentor can also feel free to reach out to a new writer to help coach and develop them if they’d like. If you are interested in being a mentor shoot me an email: Gallo AT thehuddle DOT com or a DM on twitter. #PIFWP (Pay It Forward Writer’s Project)


About Steve Gallo
Steve is an NFL Analyst and IDP writer for USA Today Sports Media Group( He is also a member of the Pro Football Writers of America & Fantasy Sports Writers Association.

One Response to Pay It Forward Writers Project

  1. crum1515 says:

    Pretty excited for this, it’s a great opportunity. Being on the cusp of the NFL season now is the time to jump on board!

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