Do Not Draft Odell Beckham Jr

Kade Halvorson 
April 23, 2015

Let’s face it, Odell Beckham Jr’s catch was absolutely insane; however, an excellent rookie season may lead to unachievable expectations for the twenty-two year old wide out. I can assure you that people will be taking Odell Beckham Jr in the first round consistently in the upcoming fantasy drafts. His numbers were excellent averaging approximately fourteen yards per catch, and he caught twelve touchdowns in just twelve games. Although his statistics were off the charts in 2014, 2015 might have a different story. Wide receiver Keenan Allen had a tremendous rookie season with the San Diego Chargers. Unfortunately, his sophomore year did not go as planned. In his first year, he caught eight touchdown passes and had a little over one thousand yards receiving. In his second year, he only caught four touchdown passes, and had roughly eight hundred yards receiving. These numbers are not gigantic drops, but if you think about what Keenan Allen was expected to do, they can be. His production decreased when everyone thought it was going to increase. The same thing might happen with Odell. Just because he caught twelve touchdown passes in twelve games, people think he will catch sixteen touchdowns if he plays the whole year, which rarely happens (especially for a receiver as young as twenty-two years old). But that’s not all, there’s more! Defense coordinators will focus their attention on him more often than not. As of writing this, they certainly are not worried about what the Giants can produce in the running game. Every time Odell Beckham Jr is on the field, he will be looking at double coverage. Lastly, his productivity increased when Victor Cruz was placed on Injured Reserve due to a torn ligament. Victor Cruz will be back this year; therefore, all of the balls will not always be heading towards Odell Beckham Jr’s direction. Overall, just be careful of who you take in the first round of your fantasy draft.


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