Full Impact Football started out as a blog where I could write about the impact of things as they pertained to the NFL and fantasy.

That may be what Full Impact Football started out as but that’s not what it is now. I decided that I want to try to give back some so I figured the best way to do that would be to open up publishing on the blog to those looking to get started that don’t have a place to publish their articles. I’ve also recruited mentors to help develop those looking to refine their talent.

There will be four categories that a writer can publish an article for (NFL, NFL Draft, Fantasy Football and IDP). If you have an article that you would like to write and have published you will need to signup for a WordPress account and send me an email to fullimpactblog@gmail.com requesting to be added as an author. Once you are added as an author you can write your article and then must send an email to the fullimpactblog@gmail.com account stating that your article is ready to be published. I will not be editing the content but if I find content to be offensive I will not publish it.

Additionally, I hope that the Full Impact Football blog can act as a minor leagues of sorts where other sites can mine writing talent from.

If you have any questions please email me at fullimpactblog@gmail.com.


Steve Gallo is an NFL Analyst and IDP writer for USA Today Sports Media Group(TheHuddle.com). Steve created “The Huddle Challenge” in 2002, the first known “Tournament” format league concept (He is not affiliated with the FFTOC, which is the 1st known entity to bring the format to the masses in a large scale in 2004). Full Impact IDP is another new concept Steve has created and is currently testing in a beta league at Myfantasyleague.com. In 2013 he will be debuting his Ultimate Drafter Series concept. He is also a member of the Pro Football Writers of America & Fantasy Sports Writers Association. You can contact him via email: gallo@thehuddle.com & be sure to follow him on twitter too!


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