Randy Gregory Going In The Top-10? [NFL Mock Draft 2015, First Round]

Kade Halvorson

April 24, 2015


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston (QB, Florida State)

The Buccaneers have a strong need for a quarterback, and I can not wait to see Winston throw the ball deep to Mike Evans. It should be a lot better year for the Buccaneers.

  1. Tennessee Titans: Leonard Williams (DE/DT, USC)

All of this Marcus Mariota going to Tennessee is making me sick. They already have a decent developing quarterback, Zach Mettenberger. It would be a mistake if they picked him over the dominant defender that is Leonard Williams. Their coach, Ken Whisenhunt, does not like mobile quarterbacks and that is exactly what Marcus Mariota is. Also, pairing Williams with Jurrell Casey could be a dangerous defensive front in the making.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Dante Fowler Jr. (OLB, Florida)

It looks like the Jaguars really like Fowler, and I do not see them drafting a receiver this early. They already have a promising receiver core, but adding another wide out in the later rounds might not be a terrible idea due to Justin Blackmon’s off the field issues.

  1. Oakland Raiders: Kevin White (WR, West Virginia)

The Raiders need a franchise wide receiver for David Carr to throw the ball to. With David Carr at quarterback, Latavius Murray in the back field, and Kevin White at wide out, this Oakland offense has potential to be dangerous.

  1. Washington Redskins: Vic Beasley (OLB, Clemson)

After having an average defensive 2014 season, the Redskins could look to add a playmaker. Vic Beasley’s main attributes are his determined hustle to the ball and his extraordinary block shedding ability. Both of these skills makes him incredible at both stopping the run and getting to the quarterback.

  1. New York Jets: Marcus Mariota (QB, Oregon)

Let’s be honest, Geno Smith is not a great quarterback. I would much rather have Marcus Mariota rather than Geno Smith. Mariota may fall to #6, but there is absolutely no way he falls to #7.

  1. Chicago Bears: Amari Cooper (WR, Alabama)

Pairing Amari Cooper with Alshon Jefferey would be a tremendous idea. They also have Martellus Bennett at tight end; therefore, Jay Cutler may have a comeback season with all these weapons surrounding him, especially if the Bears address their offensive line in the later rounds.

  1. Atlanta Falcons: Randy Gregory (DE, Nebraska)

The bottom line is the Falcons need a pass rusher. Randy Gregory arguably has top-5 talent, but the off the field issues may concern some teams causing him to drop this far down. It could turn out to be an excellent pick, or he may even be a bust. I guess we’ll find out a few years down the road.

  1. New York Giants: Brandon Scherff (OL, Iowa)

Weighing in at 315 pounds, this experienced lineman is truly the best at his position in this year’s draft class. The New York Giants have struggled with their offensive line in the past, and Scherff could be a day-1 starter for them.

  1. St. Louis Rams: Andrus Peat (OL, Stanford)

They need to protect their new quarterback, Nick Foles. Their last quarterback was injured often, and they need to make sure that does not happen with Foles. Andrus Peat is an offensive lineman with great character and loads of exciting potential.

  1. Minnesota Vikings: Devante Parker (WR, Louisville)
  2. Cleveland Browns: Danny Shelton (DT, Washington)
  3. New Orleans Saints: Trae Waynes (CB, Michigan State)
  4. Miami Dolphins: La’el Collins (OL, Louisiana State)
  5. San Francisco 49ers: Arik Armstead (DE, Oregon)
  6. Houston Texans: Nelson Agholor (WR, USC)
  7. San Diego Chargers: Todd Gurley (RB, Georgia)
  8. Kansas City Chiefs: Jaelen Strong (WR, Arizona State)
  9. Cleveland Browns: D.J. Humphries (OL, Florida)
  10. Philadelphia Eagles: Landon Collins (SS, Alabama)
  11. Cincinnati Bengals: Alvin Dupree (DE, Kentucky)
  12. Pittsburgh Steelers: Kevin Johnson (CB, Wake Forest)
  13. Detroit Lions: Melvin Gordon (RB, Wisconsin)
  14. Arizona Cardinals: Ereck Flowers (OL, Miami)
  15. Carolina Panthers: Jake Fisher (OL, Oregon)
  16. Baltimore Ravens: Dorial Green-Beckham (WR, Oklahoma)
  17. Dallas Cowboys: Byron Jones (CB, Uconn)
  18. Denver Broncos: Maxx Williams (TE, Minnesota)
  19. Indianapolis Colts: Eric Kendricks (ILB, UCLA)
  20. Green Bay Packers: Benardrick McKinney (ILB, Mississippi State)
  21. New Orleans Saints: Phillip Dorsett (WR, Miami)
  22. New England Patriots: Quinten Rollins (CB, Miami Ohio)

This NFL Mock Draft had an analysis for each of the top-10 projected picks.


Dissecting Quarterback Value In Fantasy Football – The Zero QB Theorem

I think it is safe to say, that at one point or another, we have either heard, or uttered the saying, “I can beat you with one arm tied behind my back.”

That is the essence of the Zero QB Theorem, a theorem that isn’t nearly as complex as Fermet’s Theorem or even the Pythagorean Theorem.

Don’t worry; the Zero QB Theorem doesn’t require the use of geometry, calculus or any advanced mathematics – just simple addition and subtraction. Therefore, it’s safe to say that it won’t make history in mathematical circles, but it’s a game changer for the fantasy football community.

Zero QB Theorem – If you zero out the quarterback’s points on a winning fantasy team, they still win a majority of head-to-head matchups.

Below is an example from the 2012, SOFA Classic league hosted at MyFantasyLeague.com.

ZeroQB_Blog(KFFL) 156.78 – 16.28 = 140.50 > 131.36 (ROTOWIRE)


As I was mining the data for this research from three different leagues – SOFA ClassicSOFA IDP (both are expert leagues) and a random non-expert MFL league (Best Dam Fantasy League Period!) with six point passing TDs – my findings were shocking, even to me. That led me to create some polls at my blog (FullImpactFootball) to see what sort of perceptions people had regarding what a quarterback meant to a fantasy football team.

The questions were simple:
1. How many games do you win with a zero at QB?
2. On average, how many points do you lose by (with a zero at QB)?
3. How many wins/year do the top-3 QBs (ADP) average?

Click to continue reading at thehuddle.com

Follow me on twitter,@SteveGalloNFL & if you have any questions please feel free to email me at gallo@thehuddle.com

The Ultimate Drafter Series

UPDATE (6/15/13):  Be advised that the starting requirements have been changed, and all 12 drafts will now start on the same day.

One thing that I have always tried  to do is push the envelope — from testing a business model for video delivery (sort of like Netflix) back in 1990 to finding new and innovative ways to help fantasy football evolve.

Back in 2002 I wanted to create a contest — something new and different — that  I could run in the forums at TheHuddle.com.  What I came up with was “The Huddle Challenge”(linked to HC3 in 2004).  A concept where you could start any player you wanted, but the catch was that once you started that player you couldn’t start them again(I called it suicide style). In order to make the process easy to manage each team had to select just one QB, RB and WR. Today that concept is known as tournament style.  A style that the FFTOC brought to the masses in 2004.

Last year, in an effort to help IDP evolve I created a league called Full Impact IDP.  What makes that league and concept so different is that the defensive scheme a team starts impacts their opponents offensive points scored.  It is similar to a scoring system that Sandbox used to use, but it is much more detailed, and that adds  to the strategy the concept presents.

That leads me to “The Ultimate Drafter” Series…

What is it?
What is the Ultimate Drafter Series?  It is a series that puts all participants on an equal footing by allowing everyone to draft from each draft slot.  It will be a “draft and forget it” league that utilizes best-ball scoring.  After all the points are tallied (total points league, no head-to-head) at the end of the season there will be one lone drafter that stands as “The Ultimate Drafter” — talk about bragging rights.

Why? Because fantasy football players are a competitive bunch.  It doesn’t matter if it is a league we are drafting for or just a mock draft in February, we always want to come out on top.

Drafting, at least for me, is one of the best parts of fantasy football.  But make no mistake about it, while you can win a league from any draft position, there are positions that make it either much easier or much more difficult to do.  The Ultimate Drafter series takes that element away and gives every participant the opportunity to draft from each draft position.  Of course that means that in a 12 team league there will be 12 different drafts, but hey, who doesn’t love to draft?  Also, with everyone on an equal footing a true champion — The Ultimate Drafter — can be crowned.

12 Drafts
Non-IDP leagues will have a 22 round draft, and IDP leagues will have a 44 round draft — 12 of them.  All 12 drafts will start at the same time.  That might seem like a bit much but think about how often you check to see if you are up and you aren’t and have to wait.  Now you’ll have 12 chances to be on the clock.

Non-IDP rosters will have 10 starting positions: QB (1), RB (2-3), WR (3-4), TE (1-2), Team K (1) and Def (1). IDP will have 20 starting positions: QB (1), RB (2-3), WR (3-4), TE (1-2), Team K (1), DT (1-2), DE (2), LB (3-4), S (2) and CB (2). The reason for the team kicker is because once the draft is completed there will be no waiver moves at all.

SOFA (Site Owner Fantasy Association) scoring (IDP scoring)with a couple of tweaks will be used.  The tweaks are that interceptions thrown will be worth -1 and PPR will be graduated — RB (.75), WR (1.0) and TE* (1.5).

*QB, K, DT, DE, LB, S and CB will also receive 1.5 PPR.

One more twist
All team names will be Franchise 1, Franchise 2, Franchise 3, etc. That is unlike most drafts where you can enter your name or an ingenious fantasy football team name.  The reason is so that your fellow drafters won’t be able to — or at least not as easily — figure out who your target is based off what you have done in the other drafts.  After all, knowing and understanding the tendencies of those you draft with can be a huge advantage.  This is just another way to level the playing field a bit more, but after all the drafts are completed I will enter everyone’s actual name in place of their franchise number.

Our host
Myfantasyleague.com (MFL) — the best league management software out there — will be the home to The Ultimate Drafter Series. MFL also has an option where you can set-up your own Draft Only League for free.  They also offer multi-league discounts, referral discounts, as well as a discount if you move to them from another league management site. Yep, MFL rocks!

Want to participate?
To start I am looking for experts to fill a 12 team non-IDP league and 12 team IDP league.  Then based on interest I will create additional Ultimate Drafter Series’.  If you aren’t an expert don’t fret, I’ll be creating first-come first-serve Ultimate Drafter Series’ too. If you are an expert and interested in taking part in The Ultimate Drafter Series please email me at ultimatedrafterseries@gmail.com.  Please include the site that you write for and your twitter handle if you have one.  If you aren’t an expert you can also email me at the above address, just realize that there might be a wait until I get the non-expert drafts going.

The catch
The only thing that I ask is that you do your part to bring added exposure to the concept.  Spreading the word via twitter (I’ll come up with a hashtag later), articles, blogs, forums, etc. would be much appreciated.

Follow me on twitter,@SteveGalloNFL & if you have any questions about The Ultimate Drafter Series please feel free to email me at ultimatedrafterseries@gmail.com

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